About me

Since 20 years I am dealing with the production, distribution and marketing of digital products with a special focus on interactive entertainment – Games of all formats and on all platforms that have been relevant during the last two decades.

During successful stints at WEB.DE, CDV, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Gameforge and Crytek I have gathered a huge amount of knowledge and know-how in the fields of eCommerce and Games. I have worked with a lot of very talented people in an international context and I was leading small and big teams through exciting projects and challenging situations.

Since 2014 I am acting as independent consultant and coach.

When consulting I always strive for a holistic approach in which all elements and disciplines in an organisation join together for success and growth.

As a coach I accompany persons who are facing fundamental dissatisfaction and orientation in their professional career. My clients learn how to present themselves with their talents, skills, know-how and topics they are really interested in and to achieve unconditional fulfilment in their working life.